Saturday, March 12, 2016


This week we have been reading about Enos and the story of him going out to hunt. I love this story. I haven't always had a testimony of prayer. I actually struggled a lot for a long time. I was embarrassed to give a prayer in public thinking I would somehow mess it up. After getting married Aaron and I would fight about praying. I never wanted to say the prayer when we knelt down together at the end of the day. He just couldn't understand why and would get frustrated. I guess the problem was a mixture of a lot of different things. I didn't feel worthy to pray. I didn't really know how or why really. I just wasn't sure if Heavenly Father was interested in me.

Then one day we needed to renew our temple recommends. We had met with our bishop and were on our way to see the stake president. It was my turn and he went through the usual questions. Finally he got to the end and paused. He then said "We have a list of specific questions we ask during these interviews and have been instructed to not stray from them. However, I feel prompted to ask you one more question. Megan, do you feel like your Father in Heaven answers your prayers?" I was shocked. How could he have known I was struggling? I went home and then it hit me. That was my answer. That was my Father in Heaven telling me he was there. He was waiting for me to go to Him. He does in fact care about me and I need to pray.

I now have a testimony of prayer. That is my "call home". Just like I call my parents for everything; advice, help with something, just to talk or discuss how crazy the kids were that day He is there for the same thing.